Palm Sunday God’s Way

 In Discussion Questions

Read Luke 19:28-44

1. How do you picture the scene in verses 35-38? What do you see? Hear? Feel?
2. What were the people expecting Jesus to do when he reached Jerusalem? How are their expectations different from his?
3. How does this help to explain Jesus’ words and emotions in verses 41-44?
4. If Jesus were to ride into your town today, what would you want him to do? Do you think he would do it? Or would he have a greater purpose for you? (Read Isaiah 55:8-9)
5. King David, when facing a horrible personal crisis wrote Psalm 27. Read verses 1-5 with your group. How does verse 4 speak to you personally?
6. Today you may find yourself asking Jesus to end some kind of suffering in your life. However, Jesus wants you to grow in your relationship with him through your suffering. What will you choose? Your way or his way?
7. Share about your struggles with your group and ask them how Jesus might be wanting you to get closer to him in your situation.
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