In Discussion Questions

Read James 5:13-16

1. How should a believer respond to suffering in this passage?

2. Will God always take away the trial from us?

3. What is the use of praying if God isn’t going to take away the trial?

4. Does verse 15 guarantee that the sick person will be healed?

5. Does this mean if you pray for the sick and they aren’t healed it is because you don’t have enough faith?

6. Does the efficacy of prayer lie in the grace and power of God or the goodness and merit of the petitioner?

7. Powerful and effective prayer occurs when your wants are God’s wants. As you grow in righteousness, you grow in the likeness of Christ, and you begin to want more and more what Christ wants. Then, you can ask for whatever you want. Read Luke 11 where Jesus teaches on prayer. What does Jesus teach us to ask for?

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