Building a Life of Commitment

 In Discussion Questions

Read Luke 14:25-33 and answer the questions below:

1.According to v. 25, who was with Jesus at this point in the story? Why do you think Jesus chose to make these statements to this crowd?

2. What did he say they must be willing to do in order to be His disciple?

3. What is the first example he gives for counting the cost? What does the builder need to do before building the tower?

4. What is the second example Jesus gives? What must the king do before going to war?

5. Why do you think Jesus used these examples to make his point about the commitment to discipleship?

6. Spend time as a group discussing what it means to count the cost of being a disciple. What costs do you see in being a disciple of Christ? What are you willing to give up and renounce in order to be more committed to Christ and his mission?

7. Do you have a problem with finding your identity in something other than Christ (like work, family, things)? How has this passage shown you the importance of focusing on your commitment to Christ in every part of your life?

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