Building a life of Faith

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Read Hebrews 11

1. In the definition of faith in verse 1, what two verbs describe faith? What is the object of these verbs?
2. How does verse 3 illustrate this definition of faith?
3. Is our faith directed toward the future, toward the present, or toward both? Why do you conclude this?
4. Why is it impossible to please God without faith? (verse 6)
5. Why is Abel’s sacrifice regarded as better than Cain’s? (see Genesis 4:1-12)
6. Has God ever asked you to give him something? Did you give him from your “first fruits” or from your leftovers?
7. Has God ever asked you to obey him, and you didn’t understand why or how? (verse 8). What did you do?
8. Do you believe you can trust God even when things don’t go your way or your prayers are not answered the way you were expecting? (Verse 39). Why or why not?
9. Read Hebrews 12:1-2. How can your faith be built up?
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