Deeper Relationships…What No One Ever Told You about Baptism

 In Discussion Questions
  1. How do the Psalms of lament teach us to voice our cries to the Lord? When we are facing acute suffering, how do they help us to run toward Him, rather than running away from him?
  2. Why is it significant that Jesus called the disciples to join him crossing the Sea of Galilee at the end of a very long day of teaching?
  3. List 5 details about crossing the sea that night that would have terrified even the most experienced fishermen.
  4. What were the disciples most afraid of losing that night? How do your fears demonstrate what is your most fundamental trust? What do you hold on to, such that if you lost it, you don’t think life would be worth living?
  5. James 1:2 says trials should produce joy in us as a Christians. 1 Peter 4:12 says that our “fiery trial” (persecution for being a Christian) should not surprise us “as though something strange were happening”. How do we naturally respond to the sufferings God sends?
  6. How does Christ demonstrate his power and authority at the close of the crossing of the sea?
  7. How do we and the disciples most see the Father’s love for us in Christ? Is it escape from suffering or God’s presence through our sufferings?
  8. What was Christ’s storm through which he would not be able to sleep?
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