Faith AND Works

 In Discussion Questions

Read James 2:14-18

1. When was the last time someone went out of his/her way to do something good for you? What did that act of service mean to you?
2. What do the questions in verse 14 imply about faith without works?
3. In what way should the lifestyle of a Christian verify his or her faith?
4. How does the illustration in verses 15-16 help you understand the faith/works balance of the Christian life?
5. In what way is “faith apart from works” dead? (v. 17)
6. What kinds of things might keep us from putting our faith into action in our workplaces, our neighborhoods, and other parts of our lives outside the church?
7. How would our community be different if we were to demonstrate authentic faith as James describes it?
8. What are some of the things our church is already doing to minister to people in need? How can you as an individual or as a group join in?
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