Fast- 21 days to Breakthrough

 In Discussion Questions

Read Daniel 10:1-14

1. Daniel resolved to fast for 21 days. He was also mourning for his sins and the sins of his people and their sorrows. As you fast, how will you humble yourself and mourn for your sins and the evil in this world?
2. Daniel had a specific purpose for his fast (v.12). What is the purpose of your fast?
3. Daniel sees the glorified Christ in verses 5-6. How is this fantastic image like the one in Revelation 1:12-16? Do these images fit your picture of Jesus? Why or why not?
4. Fasting releases fresh revelation. What fresh revelation would you like to receive from God?
5. Daniel’s prayer had been opposed by an evil power. But the angel Michael was sent to release Daniel’s answer to his prayer and he received a breakthrough. Where do you need a breakthrough in your life? (Work, marriage, parenting, relationships, finances, healing, salvation, crisis situation, major decision, addiction…)
6. God had a vision for Daniel and his people (v.14). Do you believe God has a vision for your life? Share with your group.
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