Fasting is Trusting God

 In Discussion Questions

Read Psalm 20:7-8

1. Share how your fasting experience has been this past week. Any challenges? Withdrawal symptoms? Have you been encouraged/discouraged?
2. Share with your group what you are praying and seeking God for during the 21 days of fasting.
3. David knew what kings and their people usually trusted in — human strength and the ways it is often expressed in “chariots and horses.” If writing today, what would David say instead?
4. What does it mean to trust the Lord instead of weapons in our modern world? How does this apply to your prayers? To your political commitments?
5. Fasting is a way of resetting our trust. What are some things you need to cast off that are hindering you from placing your exclusive trust in him?
6. What challenges are you facing at the moment for which you need your group to pray?
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