From Angry to Loved Part 1

 In Discussion Questions
Read Jonah 4
1. Considering the severity of Nineveh’s evil, what does the extent of God’s grace and forgiveness tell you about His character?
2. Think of someone who is guilty of despicable acts today. How would you feel if they repented and God forgave them? Would you react with anger or praise, and why?
3. Angered by God’s forgiveness of Nineveh, Jonah prays for the second time in the book. Compare Jonah’s first prayer in 2:1–9 with his prayer in 4:2–3. What changes between his first prayer and his second?
4. What are Jonah’s expectations for God’s mercy? How does Jonah’s attitude change when God’s compassion is directed toward Nineveh rather than him?
5. Jonah understood God’s character, but he didn’t share God’s heart. Does your knowledge of God extend from your head to your heart?
6. Think of times in your life when God has provided for you. How did you respond? Has God ever provided for you in a different way than you wanted or expected? How did you respond then?
7. Pray that the Lord would renew your appreciation of His grace and forgiveness.
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