From Angry to Loved Part 2

 In Discussion Questions

Read Jonah 4; Reflect on Jonah 4:9-11

1. What point do you think God is making by comparing Jonah’s concern for the plant with His own concern for Nineveh? Is Jonah’s concern for the plant altruistic or selfish?
2. Make a list of the things you feel are important throughout your day. Do your daily concerns focus on the well-being of others or yourself? How many of your priorities would also be priorities for God?
3. God makes it clear to Jonah that the “great city” of Nineveh is His priority. Read Deuteronomy 10:12, Micah 6:8, Matthew 6:26–33, Mark 12:28–34, 1 Timothy 2:1–4 and 2 Peter 3:9. What do these passages reveal what matters to God?
4. How can you make sure that you are seeking what is important to God?
5. What role does prayer play in ensuring that your priorities fall in line with God’s?
Bonus Question:
Pastor Christian mentioned two ways one can reject the love of God. What are they? (See also the parable of the prodigal son). Discuss your answers with the group.
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