God with Us Brings Joy

 In Discussion Questions

Read Matthew 1:21-23 and Luke 2:8-11

1. What is your definition of joy? Is joy different than happiness?
2. What brings you joy in life?
3. Why do you think the angel said the good news he was bringing would “cause great joy for all the people”?
4. What does “complete joy” look like? (John 15:11)
5. Is it hard for you to obey Paul’s command in Philippians 4:4?
6. What did Jesus say one should rejoice in? (Luke 10:20) Are you filled with joy because of that?
7. How does having your name written in heaven put the challenges of your life in perspective?
8. Does the truth of Hebrews 12:2 empower you to trust that Jesus is in control of all situations in your life? Why or why not?
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