Happy People Desire What is Godly and Right

 In Discussion Questions

Read Matthew 5:6

  1. Why do you think Jesus said we should “hunger and thirst for righteousness”?
  2. What does righteousness mean? What are four biblical aspects of righteousness that Pastor Christian mentioned?
  3. What did Jesus mean when He said we would be “filled”? Why is this blessing unique?
  4. What are things in life that seem to promise to “fill” our needs? (relationships, power, wealth, status, worldly possessions, etc.). Why do these things instead of bringing happiness, lead to emptiness?
  5. What would a life look like if a Christian is truly hungering and thirsting for God’s righteousness? What about a life in which a Christian is not hungering and thirsting?
  6. In Jesus’ audience, it is likely there were people who literally were hungry and thirsty beyond what we typically experience. Hunger and thirst usually lead to actions resulting in satisfying those needs. If we are hungering after God’s righteousness, what actions might we take?
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