In Discussion Questions

Read Mark 16:1-8

1. Why do you think the women go to the tomb on the day and at the time they do? What does this say about them? Where have their thoughts been since Friday?
2. What potential problem looms ahead? What do they find? Who rolled away the stone? How does the removal of the stone suggest that the resurrection of Jesus is entirely God’s work?
3. Do you believe God is at work in your life?
4. Do you think the women believed the angel’s words? How do their actions support your answer?
5. Would you have had trouble believing the angel’s words? Why or why not?
6. Who did Jesus send to you to tell you He had risen? Did you have trouble believing that person? How were you finally convinced of Jesus’ resurrection?
7. To whom is Jesus sending you with this message? How will you accomplish this mission?

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