Holy Spirit

 In Discussion Questions
  1. What was the Holy Spirit’s role in bringing you to Christ? (see John 3:3-7) When does a person receive the gift of the Holy Spirit? (see Eph 1: 13)


  1. Why is it important that we acknowledge and depend on the Holy Spirit in our daily life?  What does the Holy Spirit do for us, for which we often take the credit? (see John 14:26 and 16:13)


  1. What does the Holy Spirit produce in us, as we walk in dependence on Him? (see Gal 5: 22-23)  How does this make a difference in our behavior, emotions, and relationships?


  1. How do you recognize the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life?  Paul instructs us in Gal 5:25 to walk by the Spirit. In practical terms, what does this mean?


  1. How do we, personally, benefit by being filled, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit? In what specific ways have you experienced the Holy Spirit empowering you to live a life pleasing to God?
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