How Then Shall We Live?

 In Discussion Questions

1. In Psalm 19:13, King David asks the Lord,, “keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins…” Why do you think as humans we speak and act in a presumptuous manner? Take some time to ask the Lord, as King David did, that he would also keep you from presumptuous sins.

2. Knowing that we don’t know the future, do you think it’s still wise to make plans? If so, are there any bible passages you can think of that might say we should?

3. In the Bible, we read about many people whom God blessed with lots of riches (Abraham, Joesph, Solomon, Job), yet they didn’t care about their riches. Can you think of the reason(s) why that was so? What can we glean from and apply to our lives from their example?

3. Knowing that we have but a limited time on earth before we go to be with the Lord, what should our one aim in life be while we are alive? Have you been living in such a way that reflects that one aim? If not, why not? God created you for a purpose. Don’t waste your life on what doesn’t matter.

4. Why does James refer to our lives as “a mist?” Can you remember other places in Scripture that describe life in this manner?

5. The first covenant ever made was what theologians call “The Covenant of Redemption.” This covenant was made between the persons of the trinity before the universe was created; the Father chose a particular people to be given to the Son whom he would lay his life down for, and the Holy Spirit applies the benefits earn by the Son to those the Father chose. In light of this covenant, why did Jesus obey the will of the Father? And was it a possibility for Jesus to disobey the Father? What can we learn from Jesus about seeking the will of God and not our own?

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