How We Fight

 In Discussion Questions

Read Ephesians 6:14-18

Go through each of these attacks from the enemy and the piece of the armor of God you need to defend yourself.

What have you been struggling against lately?

What piece of armor do you need the most in your life right now?


Attack #1: Lies about God, his love for you, and his final victory

Ex. “Why should you trust God? How can you really know if what God says is true?”

Your Defense: The Belt of Truth


Attack #2: Temptations to ignore God’s good directions for living

Ex. “After all, how could it hurt? Choose your own lifestyle! Decide your own values! Don’t let anyone judge you! Satisfy your desires!”

Your Defense: The Breastplate of Righteousness


Attack #3: Temptations to believe that God’s ways do not work

Ex. “Don’t let anyone stand in your way! Do what it takes to get what you want! Watch out for yourself, nobody else will!”

Your Defense: The Good News of Peace


Attack #4: Arrows of doubt about God’s promises

Ex. “Where is the God of heaven? If Jesus is coming, why has he taken so long? Show me! Prove it!”

Your Defense: The Shield of Faith


Attack #5: Bringing charges against you to produce feelings of guilt

Ex. “You blew it! You always fail! What is the matter with you? God could never use someone like you!”

Your Defense: The Helmet of Salvation


Attack #6: Things to turn your attention and keep you from growing in God

Ex. “It’s just an old book with other people’s religious opinions. It’s hard to read! You have more important things to do! Take a break! Read it later!”

Your Defense: The Sword of the Spirit—The Word of God


Attack #7: Anything to keep you away from God

“Can’t you admit that it is impossible to talk to him? How silly to think God hears or cares about what you say!”

Your Defense: Prayer in the Spirit

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