Hunger Strike Against Hell

 In Discussion Questions

Read Luke 4:1-14a

1. What’s the longest time you’ve ever gone without eating something? What do you remember about that? What’s the first thing you ate when you ended your “fast”?
2. Under what circumstances is Jesus tempted? After a spiritual high? At a weak moment? Apart from God?
3. What potentially might appeal to Jesus in the first temptation? In the second? Third?
4. How does Jesus resist the first temptation? The second? Third?
5. If the devil had three “shots” at you, what three temptations would he use? How would you resist them?
6. Jesus was empowered to resist temptation in the desert (v 1). Then, he was empowered by the Spirit for ministry (v 14a). Where do you need the power of the Spirit in your life? As you come toward the end of your fast, what ministry do you need to be empowered for?
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