My Need for Control

 In Discussion Questions

Read Genesis 16:1-10

Consider these facts:
– It was a common cultural practice in their day for childless couples to include as their own any children the man had by his servants
– Sarai is now 75 and has always been barren
– It’s been 10 years since God promised them a son
1. What, if anything, might justify their strategy of surrogate motherhood and helping “Mother Nature”?
2. Why does God reject their plan?
3. Why do you think the desire to be in control is such a struggle for so many people?
4. Where have you been waiting “10 years” for God to fulfill a promise? How do you cope with such delays?
5. In what ways might you be a control freak? How has your desire for control affected your life?
6. What will you trust God with that you cannot do? What steps do you need to take to help you trust more in God and less in yourself?
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