My Right to be Offended

 In Discussion Questions

Read Proverbs 19:11, Ephesians 4:2, and Ephesians 4:32

  1. What small offenses have affected you in a big way? Why do you think they have affected you in such a big way?
  2. What does God’s forgiveness mean to you and how has it affected you?
  1. Describe a time when you overlooked an offense. What did you learn from your experience?
  1. The Bible commands us to be patient, kind, and gentle towards those who may offend us. How does having the Holy Spirit in you help you with overlooking an offense?
  1. Pastor Christian said, “Hurt people hurt people. Forgiven people forgive people.” How have you experienced the truth of that statement in your life?
  1. What steps will you take to extend grace to those who have offended you?
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