Preparing for a Miracle

 In Discussion Questions

Review the first part of the sermon

1. Discuss the four purposes for the Building for the Future campaign. Are you excited about it? Nervous?
(To help us grow spiritually, deepen our fellowship as a church, help everyone find a place of ministry, challenge us to get to phase 2 of our campus)
2. Discuss what you can expect to happen during the Building for the Future campaign. What are you looking forward to the most? Are you up for the spiritual battle?
(You can expect to grow spiritually, be hassled by Satan, see more miracles, and experience joy)
Read Mark 6:35-44
1. How difficult is it for you to admit you have a need? What is your first reaction when a problem rises up? Procrastinate? Blameshift? Worry?
2. As you assess what you already have, share with your group what you have to work with.
3. Do you believe that if you give to God what you already have, he will multiply it?
4. What miracle do you need in your life? Share with your group and pray for one another.
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