Read Mark 10:17-31

 In Discussion Questions

1. Supposing you could climb your way to heaven by works of the law. What rung of the ladder would you be on by now: Just starting out? Stepping on people’s toes? Almost to the top? Falling off?
2. What was the young man’s assumption about about how one gains eternal life?
3. What part of his question does Jesus initially respond to (v.18)? Why is that relevant?
4. Jesus “quizzes” him on only a partial list of the Ten Commandments (v.19, see Exodus 20:1-17)? How well might the rich ruler have performed the ones relating directly to God?
5. What does Jesus say about riches and the kingdom (vv.23-25), that broadens the scope of this inquiry (v.26)? Why is it so hard for the rich to follow Jesus?
6. If Jesus said to you, “one thing you lack”, to what would he most likely point? How would you respond if he said “This has got to go”?
7. What is Jesus’ response to Peter when he says “We have left everything to follow you” (v.28). Jesus demands more than you ever thought, but do you believe that he offers more than you ever dare to imagine?

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