Refocus: Made for a Mission

 In Discussion Questions

Read John 17:18

1. Take a moment to go around the room and have everyone share: What is something that you enjoy doing or that you are passionate about?
2. How can you intersect that passion with God’s mission to reach others?
3. “God expects me to bring people to Jesus.” What do you think about that statement?
4. How much effort do you put into reaching others for Christ in your life? Are you satisfied with where you are at?
5. What keeps us from reaching out to others for Christ? And how can we overcome those areas?
6. List some people who you can start reaching out for Christ. Pray for them right now:
– Ask God to strengthen your heart and give you courage to share Christ with them.
– Ask God to give you opportunities to tell them about your relationship with Christ.
– Ask God to soften their hearts and prepare them to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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