In Discussion Questions

Read Mark 12:28-34

1. Why are these two commandments the greatest? How do the Ten Commandments relate to these two?
2. How was this teacher’s attitude different from that of many others who questioned Jesus (11:28; 12:13-14; 12:18-19)?
3. What does Jesus’ response to this man teach you about Jesus? About the kingdom of God?
4. Pastor Christian said that in order to declutter our lives we must: 1)Reevaluate what’s most important; 2) Realign our lives with those things in mind; 3) Refocus our goals. Have you been able to give some thought to this? How have you applied this to your life?
5. Based on verse 30, what are the ways that God wants us to love him? In which one are you the strongest? Which one is the most challenging for you?
6. How does Jesus empower you to love God passionately, thoughtfully, and practically?
7. Pray with your group and ask God to help you recover your passion, recapture your thoughts, and realign your actions as you reset your life in 2021.
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