Rethinking Happiness: Happy people depend on God

 In Discussion Questions

Read Matthew 5:3

1. How does this beatitude relate to the promise that follows it? How would you describe the opposite of this quality?
2. Is Jesus describing what his followers are? Or prescribing what they must do? Why do you think so?
3. How happy are you? From 1 to 10. Why?
4. What does Jesus mean by “poor in spirit”? How poor are you?
5. What are some things you have depended on for your happiness? How is it working out for you?
6. How is the promise of this beatitude a consequence rather than a reward? Pastor Christian said, “In no sense do they merit the kingdom, but being what they are they possess it. Can you explain?
7. The fullness of the promise of this beatitude is in the future. But how can you have happiness here and now?
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