Satan And His Demons

 In Discussion Questions

1. Demons try to harm people, daily, by inflicting suffering, luring people away from God, and paralyzing people with fear. How have you been hindered by the schemes of the evil one? Explain.

2. Read James 4:6-8. Who is behind the pride that shows up in our thoughts and attitude?  Why is humility important when resisting the enemy? How are you learning to resist the devil? In what areas do you need to humble yourself?

3. Scripture tells us to stay alert because our adversary is on the prowl.When was the last time you were aware of demonic activity/affliction in your life?What were some of the clues that you were are under attack?  How do you know when it is a spiritual attack versus normal, everyday thoughts or trials?  How can we keep from treating the enemy lightly without giving him too much attention?  What are some ways we can flirt with darkness? What danger is there in this? How do we properly use God’s authority when battling demons?

4. The spiritual battle is primarily fought in our minds.  Satan and his demons try to gain access to your life by planting evil thoughts and desires in your mind.  Share an example of thoughts that the enemy has used to lure you away from God or to paralyze you with fear.  What thoughts are you currently battling and how are you taking these thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ?

5. Jesus fought off the devil by quoting scripture three times in Matthew 4:1-11. How is the enemy tempting you or trying to lure you away from dependence on Christ? What scripture are you using to fight the enemy today?



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