In Discussion Questions

Read John 17:20-23

1. Obviously, unity is a prominent theme in this portion of Christ’s prayer. Make a quick list of the ways in which verses 21-23 speak of:

A. The unity of the church

B.  Jesus’ unity with the Father

2. What effect does Christian unity have on the watching world?

3 Have you experienced or witnessed the kind of transformed community that testifies to the world about the validity of Jesus’ work and claims? If so, what were some of the features of such a community? If not, what might you imagine such a community to look like? What obstacles inhibit this kind of unity?

4. Can you think of ways that you could personally contribute to greater unity in our church life?

5. What unique and creative ways will you reach out to people during this Christmas season? (Christmas cards, devotional, “you’ve been gifted”, and others)
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