True Religion

 In Discussion Questions

Read James 1:26-27

1. What is one thing in your childhood you or someone in your family was “religious” about? Not necessarily spiritual, but something that you/they always did without fail.
2. Discuss the uncontrolled tongue. What are some of the ways we show an uncontrolled tongue and how do those ways deceive our hearts?
3. Consider and discuss the seriousness of this statement: “If you think you are a person of faith but have little control over your tongue, your faith has no worth at all.
4. Do you currently care for the orphans and the widows? Explain. How can you as an individual and/or group, care for the orphans, widows, and the poor? Discuss the ideas pastor Christian shared.
5. How can you personally keep yourself from being polluted by the world?
6. What do you personally need to change in your actions this week so your walk matches your talk?
7. How does it feel to know that Jesus is praying for you? (John 17:15)
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