Vision 2020- Part 1

 In Discussion Questions

Read Acts 20:17-24

1. How would you explain what motivates Paul to keep on sharing the Good News despite hardships?
2. How would you complete this sentence: “The one thing I must accomplish at any cost is __________? How does it relate to Paul’s goal in verse 24?
3. Paul’s only “aim” was to finish the race and complete the task Jesus gave him of sharing the Good News of God’s grace. How confident are you that you are focused on the right aim? Discuss the 5 biblical purposes for living.
4. What aspects of the 2020 vision are you most excited about? What are some practical steps you plan to take to make this vision a reality?
5. Write a list of up to 5 people you will be investing in, praying for, and inviting to your Bridge Group and to church. If you don’t have any, pray for God to show you who they are in the next few weeks.
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